Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memorial Day... Who will you go visit and remember?

I have been spending almost all my free time working on the Roberts cemetery that I talked about in my first post this year "Cousin Bait (In The Beginning, Why I'm Even Doing This?)".   My neighborhood association has appointed me the Project Manager for this restoration.  I have learned lots of wonderful history and met some very interesting people.  Look for a future blog about the Roberts Cemetery Project in the near future.
Ok so to the title of this post.  I meant to put this out last week and now I am running out of time.   Any family members if you are interested in visiting any cemeteries this weekend, please let me know.  I can print you out a map and a lineage chart so you know who you are visiting of about any cemetery in our tree.  I also will be visiting them myself over the long weekend.  If you would like to go let me know and I would be more than willing to take you. 
I did recently buy a chemical called D2, it's the same cleaning solution that the national cemeteries use.  It's the most nondestructive cleaning method for tombstones, it's a bio chemical that kills off all moss, lichen, and algae that grows on the stones.  I am re taking pictures so I have a before and after but if you go please take your own photos and email them to me.

Again let me know if anyone wants to tag along or would like a map.