Saturday, January 3, 2015

What's Your Number 2014

So this time last year I started the year out with finding out what/who I do know, with What's Your Number.  Taking the number of possible people in your family tree and comparing that to the actually number you have discovered.

I didn't do that much discovery this year.  I spent almost all my time renaming and cleaning up all my files Keeping Your Leaves in Order... File Naming.  Bad part is I only got through my paternal tree, 600 some files, it was a lot more than I imagined to would be. What time I didn't spend in file organizing I spent in DNA.

2014 wasn't a lose though, I did find 19 new family members and hope to make many new finds with the updates made on AncestryDNA.  I will say cleaning up my files really was a confidence booster. organizing my paper trail of family members and having proof not just a name and date.

All in all it was a 2% increase, which is always a win.  It's only a couple of days into the new year and I already have some prospects to research that will increase my numbers even more for next year.  I have my maternal side to file clean up but the number of files on that side aren't as big so hopefully it won't take me a year.

Leave me a comment below and let me know your numbers and happy hunting in 2015.