Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Connecting the Dots... Deerfield MA

Second in this series, Connecting the Dots, this time of Sutlief's in Deerfield Massachisetts, it was an interesting hunt. The history of Deerfield is very interesting to read about. This piece of land must have been something else, so many issues with the Indians, and yet they still came back worked thier land and persevered. Especally if you look at it from Hannah "Plympton" Sutlief's point of view, she lost her dad, brother, and husband in three different insidents around the Deerfield area, all told to have been burnt at the stake by Indians.

Making connections from past to present in Deerfield wasn't without its obsticals. The lots where not laid out uniformally, but by cow commons of the Dedham proprietors, however George Sheldon did his do dilligance in tracking down each deed, in his book A History of Deerfield, Massachisetts. It took a little time while switching back and forth from my google earth, the 1877 map, and his book, and going all the way around the homesteads of the old street, but I believe I figured them out. The lots where numbered from the NW side of the street, south, and then back up to the NE side again.

While not going into detail, although it is a nicely documented history, after Nathaniel Sutlcliffe died in the Falls Fight with Capt Turner, Hannah remarried and moved away. Eventually sometime down the road Nathaniel's son, Nathaniel Sutcliffe JR came back to Deerfield to collect what was left of his fathers estate before moving on himself.

Below is the the KMZ (Google Earth File) of my interpretation of Sutlief Land in Deerfield. For those who don't like or use google earth there is also a PDF. While you can save this PDF for your own tree I would prefer you to link it from my tree on ancestry.com so people can find the original source if they have questions.

Google Earth KMZ Link

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To read the note in the PDF download it from google drive.

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Hope you enjoyed, look out for more Connecting the Dots in the future.